divide the eo

Today we’re reaching out to our fans and bringing awareness to a campaign lead by Bandcamp to raise money for the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), who are working to oppose last week’s Executive Order to ban immigrants and refugees from seven Middle Eastern countries from entering the United States.
Today, Bandcamp is donating 100% of all proceeds to the ACLU. In light of this, we’re asking fans of our music to purchase our albums on Bandcamp for at least $1 USD (or more if you wish). If you already own all of our releases, consider purchasing albums from your favorite artists to support this cause, as well as supporting independent music.
Below is the link to our Bandcamp discography. We hope you’ll join us in raising funds for this cause.

In solidarity



2h two zero one six

after a successful release of our first remix album, \re, we are in the midst of recording and tracking our next ep: ///

building on the themes of /, //, and our single future kill: /// is shaping up to be not only the most focused release, but the darkest release from divisor/ as of yet.

/// will include the song ice worm which we’ve been performing as a part of our live set; a mesmerizing song that includes honaker/ on dan bau and hoyt/ on guitar+vocals, amongst droning soundscapes and jagged beats.

more details on /// and future shows will be announced in the coming weeks.


\re officially released

album title:  \re

1. future kill

2. future kill [kloud kid demix]

3. lights out [souls and cities remix, feat. leila abdul-rauf]

4. wounds [qepe gravitational new-wave remix]

5. rockbed [niko bakulich remix]

6. interdependence [andrzejek’s F.I.F.L.A.R. Mix]

7. expocalypse [earl wacky remix] by myles boisen


mastering provided by myles boisen

artwork by robert herrick

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future kill

our new single titled future kill is now available for streaming on soundcloud.

our upcoming ep \re will be released and announced shortly.



the next demix

divisor/ just wrapped up releasing // across all digital music retailers.

but we have more.

today we’re announcing an upcoming single that will contain remixes from both / and // from artists across the globe.

the upcoming single is a track off of the upcoming ep /// titled future kill

the accompanying remixes are songs uniquely reconstructed in new multi-genre spanning forms.

release date and details coming later this February.