DIVISOR/ is an alt/noise-hop duo that incorporates electronic rhythms, soundscapes, noise, live instrumentation and vocals to create a dark, sinister, fusion of drone, rap and electronic music.

since 2014, ryan honaker/ (co-producer, multi-instrumentalist) and ross hoyt/ (vocalist, co-producer) have released 3 ep’s, encompassing a body of work that incorporates both alt-hiphop and noise-hop, remixes from artists across the globe, bass heavy instrumentals and live soundscapes in the ears of online listeners and the faces of audiences at live shows.

live divisor/ performs with an arrangement leveraging guitars, violins, trumpets, guest musicians and real time created soundscapes, while vocalist hoyt/ delivers his frantic, paranoid flows over a combination of crushing bass and beats: an ever-evolving, twisted audible-onslaught not to be missed.

divisor/ has proudly supported and performed with some of their favorite bands and artists like GO DARK, Moodie Black, Coolzey, Onewerd, ThatKidCry and JPEGMAFIA.

Late 2017 will see the release of /// divisor‘s next anticipated release.