2h two zero one six

after a successful release of our first remix album, \re, we are in the midst of recording and tracking our next ep: ///

building on the themes of /, //, and our single future kill: /// is shaping up to be not only the most focused release, but the darkest release from divisor/ as of yet.

/// will include the song ice worm which we’ve been performing as a part of our live set; a mesmerizing song that includes honaker/ on dan bau and hoyt/ on guitar+vocals, amongst droning soundscapes and jagged beats.

more details on /// and future shows will be announced in the coming weeks.


\re officially released

album title:  \re

1. future kill

2. future kill [kloud kid demix]

3. lights out [souls and cities remix, feat. leila abdul-rauf]

4. wounds [qepe gravitational new-wave remix]

5. rockbed [niko bakulich remix]

6. interdependence [andrzejek’s F.I.F.L.A.R. Mix]

7. expocalypse [earl wacky remix] by myles boisen


mastering provided by myles boisen

artwork by robert herrick

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future kill

our new single titled future kill is now available for streaming on soundcloud.

our upcoming ep \re will be released and announced shortly.



the next demix

divisor/ just wrapped up releasing // across all digital music retailers.

but we have more.

today we’re announcing an upcoming single that will contain remixes from both / and // from artists across the globe.

the upcoming single is a track off of the upcoming ep /// titled future kill

the accompanying remixes are songs uniquely reconstructed in new multi-genre spanning forms.

release date and details coming later this February.




// officially released

album title: //

1. lights out

2. lucid house maids

3. moist upper lip

4. low hanging sky

5. strapped

6. lights out [instrumental]

7. moist upper lip [instrumental]

8. strapped [instrumental]


leila abdul-rauf appears on the song “lights out”

jens kortmann appears on the song “strapped”

mastering provided by myles boisen

album art by robert herrick

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The First Single from //

As the release of // nears across all digital music sites, we’re posting a new song every day this week to celebrate the release. First is the title track, Lights Out, which features our good friend and collaborator Leila Abdul-Rauf on trumpet and backing vocals.

About the album: EP 2, appropriately titled “//” expands further on Divisor/’s unique ability to incorporate alternative-hip-hop themes with complex raps, strong production, and head crushing beats. Alongside noise, experimentalism, and warped electronics, // takes the listener on an engaging journey with songs like “Lights Out” and instrumentals like “Lucid House Maids” before finally ending it all in the rhythmic-noise-onslaught “Strapped”.


new ep this nov

honaker/ and hoyt/ continue to work on their scheduled 2nd ep release, due this november.

ep 2, appropriately titled // will be comprised of 5 original tracks and 3 accompanying instrumental versions.

// continues in the same vein as / does, bringing new guest musicians, themes and soundscapes to the divisor/ catalog.

additionally, for the first time, divisor/ will make merch available for upcoming shows and tours, as well as for order via divisormusic.com

more details to be shared soon as the release of // approaches.